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Track and manage corporate actions with Atlas

If you deal regularly with corporate actions, choose Atlas – a new, advanced software corporate actions processing and entitlement management suite designed to help you reduce costs, lower the risk of error and improve customer service.

Atlas has been built from the ground up to give you a fully customisable corporate action and dividend software package that has an elegantly simple, easy-to-learn interface and is designed for today’s financial world.

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Features of Atlas Corporate Actions

More automation of processes through the corporate actions lifecycle

When you use Atlas, you minimise the amount of manual intervention required in processing a corporate action.

This means you:
  • Control risk – by reducing the amount of times information passes through human hands, you reduce the risk of human error
  • Reduce costs – because Atlas is fully automated, you don’t need as many staff to handle corporate actions, and the staff you do have can focus on critical issues
  • Improve customer service – Atlas can be customised to send result notifications out to clients automatically and in a pre-determined format
  • Reduce errors – by automating processes such as event data, trade booking and reconciliation
  • Manage arbitrage opportunities – Atlas can inform trading desks of events in markets of interest
  • Save time – Atlas has an easy to use interface which allows new users to pick it up quickly and perform tasks more efficiently
Atlas can also be implemented quickly – working alongside your existing systems, we can have Atlas Corporate Actions fully operational in as little as 10 weeks depending on your requirements.

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Robust, scalable software customised for you

Atlas retains the functionality of the most advanced systems while remaining cost-effective for mid-sized financial institutions.

Atlas supports all corporate actions, including mandatory, mandatory with options and voluntary actions. Supported asset classes include all products, fixed income, equity and derivatives.

Atlas offers advanced security features, including tiered access rights based on action and seniority.

Every action taken in Atlas is recorded and instantly available, fulfilling all audit requirements.

Designed with the processing resiliency to handle high volumes of corporate actions, Atlas steadily reduces both cost and risk as the number of corporate actions increases. And once Atlas is installed, there will be no need to re-key or collate information from other sources. Everything will be centralised and easily accessible.

All major market data covered

Atlas scours data from all major financial markets worldwide, including Europe, the US and Canada, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and Africa – as well as emerging markets.

As well as being available in a growing number of languages, Atlas is compliant with the SWIFT messaging standard, ISO 15022.

With Atlas you can manage feeds and messaging to/from:
  • All CA data vendors
  • All custodians or central securities depositaries via SWIFT
  • Feeds between internal and external systems such as Static Data (instrument, tax counter-party/client, and settlement), accounting, trades, and positions.
  • Email, fax, XML, CSV and PDF

Manage any corporate action from start to finish

Atlas supports the entire lifecycle of a corporate action, from the creation of a new file and capturing and managing data, right through to sending result notifications to clients. Atlas easily generates full reports and offers unlimited archiving of records.

  • Automatically imports data from vendors
  • Gathers security positions from books and records systems
  • Notifies front office traders of events of interest
  • Creates CA/DIV files for audit purposes
  • Sends notifications to clients
  • Manages elections on voluntary events
  • Calculates outcomes from corporate actions
  • Books outcome trades in trading systems or in back office books and records systems
  • Reconciles cash and stock balances & reports on open payables and receivables

Whatever your firm’s needs, we can tailor Atlas to work and grow with your requirements. See Atlas Reporting and Atlas Trader for examples of how Atlas can be adjusted for your needs.

Get Atlas up and running in as little as 10 weeks

Because we specialise in corporate actions, we can customise and install Atlas and have it fully functional in as little as 10 weeks depending on your requirements – a fraction of the time other software platforms takes to implement.

Call us today to get started or to find out more about Atlas.

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